Halifax Taxi Regulations

T1000 LAW

Taxi & Limousine Services

HRM Taxi and Limousine Services
Amendments Respecting The Regulations
of Taxis & Limousines
Effective November 17, 2012
On October 23, 2012, Halifax Regional Council approved amendments Respecting the Regulations of Taxis and Limousines. These amendments become effective on November 17, 2012.

This communication is to advise industry and citizens of amendments approved by Halifax Regional Council which may result in licensing or operational changes.

By-law T-108 has been replaced with By-law T-1000, Respecting the Regulations of Taxis, Accessible Taxis And Limousines,
Average rates are increasing by 12.76%, comprised of;
$3.20, drop rate – 0 meters
$0.13 each 76.7 meters
$26.80, waiting time per/hour
$0.70, each additional passenger
$0.80, bridge toll can only be charged for the bridge crossing while transporting a passenger or parcel
rate for steamer trunk has been removed
all flat rate fares to or from the airport increase by 12.76%
Limousine minimum hourly rate is $64.85
Owners have until January 15, 2013 to have meters calibrated to the new rates and meter calibration slips submitted to the Taxi Licensing Office.

Smoking is prohibited in vehicles that are licensed as a taxi, accessible taxi or a limousine, regardless if the vehicle is in service or not.
Taxi zones are open during the following times;
any time between 12:00 midnight on a Thursday and 5:00 a.m. on Friday;
any time between 12:00 midnight on a Friday and 5:00 a.m. on Saturday;
any time between 12:00 midnight on a Saturday and 5:00 a.m. on Sunday;
any Sunday between 12:00 midnight and Monday 5:00 a.m. of a long weekend created by a statutory or declared local holiday in effect on the Monday; and at such other times, dates and places as are permitted by resolution of Council of the Municipality.
Taxi roof light is to be turned off when the vehicle has accepted a call or is transporting a passenger.
Drivers are permitted to negotiate with passenger to recover cost of cleaning or damages if the passenger has damaged or soiled the vehicle.
Vehicles must have a minimum of 4 passenger doors excluding a rear hatch.
Drivers can place their name on any taxi owner waiting list for zones which they don’t already have an owner license.
A driver whose temporary Driver License has been terminated can re-apply for another temporary license after 6 months.
All drivers will be issued a single Drivers License that permits them to operate a Taxi, Limousine or Accessible Taxi for a period of two years and will expire on the license holder’s date of birth.
Winter rims are now permitted on vehicles between October 15 and April 30 and must be kept clean and rust free.
Corporately held licenses may be renewed but are not transferable.
Airport licensed vehicles & drivers are allowed to charge the fares set out by the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

Halifax Share Ride (Uber, Lyft Etc)

Uber may be coming to Halifax in 2019. Halifax municipality is conducting a survey to allow share riding in the municipality. Uber is pushing hard to have it service approved in Halifax and surrounding area. Uber will affect the livelihood of more than 2000 Halifax drivers. Stay tuned!